Katia Poulin: Futuristic Dreams

Katia Poulin (2009)
La Chute des Mondes
Oil paint and glaze
40 x 40 inches

Katia Poulin often uses her dreams as a source of inspiration for her artwork. Her paintings reflect a future generation still interested in classic literature and the interaction between human beings. Poulin takes the viewer to an unknown place dominated by tall, elegant human forms. These figures evoke the individualism of those people living in the metropolis who have not forgotten the poetic sensuality of ancient art.

Poulin’s work overflows with emotion; leaving no one indifferent. Although her pieces portray a possible future, the viewer is seized by a feeling of melancholy, a notsalgia for the past. This juxtaposition of representation and emotion is a powerful element of Poulin’s work. Other strengths include integrity of composition, maturity of style, complexity of texture, and an utmost control of the numerous media used to create each artwork.

Born in Quebec, Canada in 1971, where she still lives and works, Poulin is a mid-career artist with strong representation behind her. She has been placed in important collections throughout North America.

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